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Animal Writing

The book: "Child of my soul" has yet only been edited in Dutch.

Author: Greeve Chantal
Editor : Phaedra Publishing
ISBN-nr: 9081006614
Softcover edition: € 20,-
Hardcover edition: € 25,-

This book is a must-have for anyone who loves and appreciates animals
And especially for those who don’t...

To order:
Deposit the sum for the book as well as 3,50 € (B, NL)
to the account nr. 380-0143805-25 (Ing Belgium)
IBAN: BE70380014380525 BIC: BBRUBEBB
After reception of your deposit, the book will be forwarded to your address.
Invoice on demand.

When the costs for the book will be covered,
most of the profit will be used to the benefit of animals in need.
It will be invested in a concrete project
that will be announced, the time come, on this site.

Contact: Tel.: +32-(0)475/94.96.24