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Animal Healing

"That a dog should have no soul, is a false perception.
One needs eyes to see it,
one needs the blessing of a god
to perceive it.
Most people have nor the eyes, nor the blessing of a god.
Those are the haughty of mind, unable to comprehend
that animals are not inferior to man.
One is who one is
and one can only become what one has as a potentiality.
A man is capable to distinguish himself from an animal.
But what good is this distinction
when it doesn't lead to an acknowledgement of equipollence? "

- Herman Brusselmans



The most essential part in the HEALING FOR ANIMALS, is the well-being of any treated animal!
Animals have kept their deep connection with nature,
which makes them very open to energetic healing.
Therefore, any energetic healing can be
very beneficial and effective to them,
as well in case of physical as psychological disfunction.
Through an energetic transfer, I am able to alter
physical as well as psychic disorders to the point that
a full recovery is stimulated or completed.

This energetic healing is not a replacement
for a consultation and treatment by your vet.
Both approaches are complemetary.
A healthy combination of both can only benefit
to your animal companion.

As well as every man, every animal only deserves the best!



In some of the cases, whenever necessary,
I support the healing by the use of BACHREMEDIES.
This remedy-therapy also enhances an holistic approach
and can be used to help animals as well as men.
The administration of these blossomremedies,
in from of drops, aimes "a healthy mind in a healthy body".
Dr. E. Bach was a very qualified doctor in England.
His discoveries and vision on life are wordly known.
There exist multiple publications on his therapy of
blossomremedies to consult for further information.



can be an enormous support to complete a healing.
Through this 'telepathic' communication with an animal
I often get information about the problem or this can help
to improve the relation between the animal
and its human-companion(s).
Animals never come into our lives randomly.
They come to us with a task, a purpose, a message.
They are capable of hugh sacrifices to the benefit of humans.
We expect animals to listen to us and to understand us.
But do we listen to them? Do we even try to understand them?

It is our task and our responsibility
to treat animals respectfully and to be aware
of their needs and take these in account.
Only an equipollent relationship can elevate both.



To heal and to understand animals
can improve their quality of life considerably.
But even as important is TO ACCOMPANY AN ANIMAL
I have no doubt that all animals have souls
and death represents an important and sacred
moment of transition, just as for humans.

Although the loss of an animal-companion
can engender an enormous pain,
it often can be of confort to know your animal
can leave this life in all serenity.



"Animals can communicate quite well. And they do.
And generally speaking, they are ignored "

- Alice Walker


CONSULTATIONS: by appointment only
Cost: 50,-€ (+/- 1,5 hour first consultation)
Further treatments: 25,-€ /half hour
and 20,-€/half hour when multiple sessions are recquired
Bach-remedy: 5,-€ / bottle

Location: Minderhout (Antwerp region) or Knokke (seaside) - Belgium Housecalls are an option (60,-€, within range of 25 km)
Consultation and/or healing through pictures are also an option.

Contact: Tel.: +32-(0)475/94.96.24